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Published: jeudi 22 janvier 2015

New Balance MRL 996 BL Chaussures Femme Vert NoirMoto présente un Smartphone Android Dual Voici une news intéressante concernant Motorola en provenance de Beijing. Ils ont récemment annoncé le MOTO XT882 pour la Chine, qui ressemble énormément au Motorola Atrix 4G. Moto China a déclaré qu s du premier Smartphone au monde dualcore, dualmode et dualSIM en Chine. Les processeurs sont des NVIDIA Tegra 2 à 1GHz, il est également compatible CDMA/GSM, ce qui signifie qu fonctionnera aussi bien sur China Telecom et China Mobile. Propulsé par Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) et MOTOBLUR UI, il est équipé de 8GB de mémoire interne, d capteur de 8MP avec un double Flash LED, d caméra en façade, d écran qHD de 4 port HDMI, batterie de 1880 mAh et de certaines fonctionnalités typiquement chinoises : smart dialer, scanner de cartes de visite, etc. Si vous souhaitez en ramener un aux USA, il vous faudra compter environ 5,380 RMB ou $830, ce qui en fait l des smartphones les plus chers du marché. Le MOTO XT882 sera disponible dans le courant du mois. Motorola MOTO XT882 Smartphone Delivers Tripledual Power for an Amazing Mobile Internet Experience Designed specifically for China, the first dualcore, dualmode, dualstandby Android smartphone enables faster browsing and downloading on the network of your choice BEIJING New Balance 996 May 23, 2011 Motorola Mobility Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. today announced the release of MOTO XT882, the world's first dualcore, dualmode and dualstandby smartphone, in China. Combining Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a dualcore processor with each core running at 1GHz, and uniquely Chinese features, such as smart dialer, a business card scanner and contact manager, MOTO XT882 offers the ultimate browsing and multimedia experience for busy professionals and demanding smartphone users. The MOTO XT882 has a stunning design, is available in two color options, and is the perfect addition to your onthego lifestyle. With CDMA EVDO/GSM dualmode dualstandby, you can choose the network that best fits your needs at any given moment.

"The "tripledual" MOTO XT882 is the first smartphone of its kind, and shows Motorola's commitment to bringing incredible mobile internet experiences to people in China," said Frank Meng, corporate senior vice president, and president, Greater China of Motorola Mobility, Inc. "People are consuming more and more content on their mobile devices, and we designed the MOTO XT882 with that trend in mind. Motorola Mobility is excited about the direction of the industry, and will continue to create innovative and interesting devices that help Chinese consumers harness the power of the mobile Internet." MOTO XT882 runs on China Telecom's eSurfing 3G network. The combination of 3G and a 2x1GHz dualcore new balance femme soldes processor enables an effortless Internet experience so you can quickly browse contentrich web pages, watch online videos or stream music. It also gives you unmatched access to the thousands of applications on SHOP4APPS China, Motorola's own app market designed specifically for users in China, so you can find the information you need and play the games you want, right from your MOTO XT882 smartphone. The latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform adds another layer of speed and power to the MOTO XT882, and enables easy multitasking. Simple navigation, texting and email are enabled by a refined userinterface and fast text input. MOTO XT882 has everything you need to create and enjoy multimedia, from photos to videos, including a 4" capacitive touch screen with qHD display, an 8 megapixel camera, HD 1080p video capture and playback, and 8GB of internal memory. With MOTO XT882's HDMI support, you can easily capture and stream videos to TVs, PCs and stereo systems into any HD display. MOTO XT882 offers an elegant, compact design created specifically for the China market. The number eight has special significance in Chinese culture, and the hundreds of delicate 8s etched into the back cover suggest fortune and luck. Available in sleek black or trendy white, MOTO XT882 offers a choice for business professionals and social networkers who need to be constantly connected. It's the power and capabilities you need to do business in a slim, attractive package.8 megapixel camera with a builtin LED flash.