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Published: mardi 10 mars 2015

Discount New Balance 576 Chaussures Femme Brun Jaune OrangePair of sandals This pair of sandals was probably unearthed from the cemetery at Panopolis, no doubt from the tomb of a woman. The flat leather sole is richly decorated. Two broad burgundy leather straps cross over the instep, and there is a New Balance 576 Femme third, central strap to which the thong between the toes must originally have been attached. A leather circle is sewn onto the junction of the straps with plant fibers wrapped in a leather thong. With their elegant and varied decoration (based on geometrical and floral designs), and refined colors (red, burgundy, and gold)

they are luxurious and fragile items which were probably only used to accompany the deceased on her final journey. The archaeology of shoes The history of ancient Egyptian footwear has yet to be written. Certain painted shrouds from the Roman chaussures new balance femme Period feature characters wearing sandals. On mural paintings from the Byzantine Period, monks and holy figures are portrayed either barefoot or wearing slipperstyle shoes. The often schematic portrayal of the deceased on funerary steles makes it difficult to distinguish the form of their footwear.