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Published: mercredi 18 mars 2015

New Balance M 774 BL3 Classics Chaussures Femme Bleu Blanc NoirSony expose son projecteur 3D à l Sony expose actuellement sur son stand de l'IFA 2010 un nouveau projecteur vidéo 3D, le VPLVW90ES. Principalement conçue pour la maison, ce VPLVW90ES, le projecteur basé sur la technologie SXRD est bien entendu Full HD, et offre un impressionnant rapport de contraste de 150 000:1. Le projecteur fonctionnera seulement avec une paire de lunette 3D, New Balance M 774 BL3 Classics et embarque un ventilateur ultrasilencieux ne dégageant que 22dB. Enfin, le fabricant Japonais prévoit de sortir son appareil en Novembre prochain At the IFA conference in Berlin, Sony Professional today announced its first 3D home projector, the VPLVW90ES, which gives movie fans the opportunity to enjoy an unrivalled 3D cinematic experience in the comfort of their own home. Based on the active glasses technology used in Sony's 3D TV range, the VPLVW90ES has been designed to deliver an optimal 3D experience that feels natural on the eyes. To achieve the excellent image quality required in a home theatre environment, including true depth of colour and brightness, the VW90ES is equipped with Sony's Advanced Iris 3 technology. This enables a dynamic contrast ratio of 150,000:1.

With the ability to project 3D in Full HD 1080p, the VPLVW90ES features an upgraded SXRD Chaussures New Balance 240Hz Panel which minimizes image distortion or "crosstalk." The projector is also capable of taking 2D video and simulating 3D images, bringing new life to classic movies from the past and allowing a wide variety of video content to be enjoyed. "The launch of our first 3D home projector marks the latest step in Sony realising its 3D World vision," said Tak Nakane, product manager at Sony Professional. "From capturing images in 3D, through to the production and delivery stages, Sony is uniquely placed to deliver an incredible 3D viewer experience both at home and in the cinema. The projector also opens up another dimension for gamers too. People will be able to play a rapidly increasing number of 3D titles such as Gran Turismo 5, and Wip3out in crystal clear high definition, something we believe is going to appeal hugely to the gaming community." Key to the VPLVW90ES is customisation. The projector is simple to setup and ideally suited to meet a wide range of installation configurations. Customers can personalise the projector depending on the content they are showing and the size of the room they are in, whether it be a small living room or large home theatre. The projector is quiet too, thanks to its incredibly low fan noise of just 22db0.