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Published: lundi 08 mai 2017

Welcome in the research database GRAC The Clinical Anatomy Research Group (in French: "Groupe de Recherche en Anatomie Clinique", GRAC) was founded in 1995. Its purpose is to contribute New Balance CM 999 BKC Chaussures Homme to clinically oriented teaching and applied research in gross anatomy. The GRAC is thus involved with projects directly related to the needs of clinical practice, in particular diagnostic and interventional radiology as well as surgery.

Our main focus is directed towards minimally invasive therapy of cerebrovascular disease. Indeed, recent advances made in the fields of biomaterials and medical imaging have allowed the radiological sciences to consolidate their pivotal role in patient management, both from the diagnostic and the therapeutic standpoints. Interventional radiology is presently undergoing a rapid evolution, and our group wishes to contribute to this growth by two means: New Balance Chaussures Homme the first is to develop endovascular treatment vectors aimed at neurovascular pathologies, with particular emphasis placed on aneurysmal and atheroocclusive diseases; the second is to obtain vascular models allowing to gain a better understanding of the hemodynamics of cerebrovascular diseases in a realistic experimental environment that respects the specific human vascular geometry and reduces the need for animal experimentation. Besides neurovascular disease, the other topics developed by our group include radiologic segmentation of the human liver, anatomy of the connective tissue, and gross anatomy teaching. Regarding this last item, the group also welcomes selected medical students, who form the GRACjunior (see link under the column