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Published: mercredi 02 aot 2017

CIJA predecessor organization, the Quebec Israel Committee New Balance 998 Chaussures , originally advised supporters of Israel to avoid going to Le Marcheur when the first PAJU picketing began Oct. 2, 2010, but instead to patronize the store or lend moral support in other ways. Later, QIC did join the counter demonstrations, but Del Negro said there has been no organized Jewish community participation since June. As far as CIJA is concerned the battle has been won.

Del Negro pointed to the Quebec media overwhelmingly negative response early on to the picketing of Le Marcheur, a business of more than 25 years owned by Yves Archambault, who has steadfastly resisted PAJU, and especially to Quebec solidaire MNA Amir Khadir appearance there last December, as well as the New Balance Chaussures resolutions in support of Le Marcheur tabled in the National Assembly (but blocked from debate by Khadir) and adopted by Montreal city council. Del Negro also confirmed at that the RLQ is no longer taking part in the counter protests either. CIJA is concerned that the pro Israel camp may be associated in the public mind with activism that mocks traditional Muslims or associates Muslims as a people with repression. At least one media outlet failed to pick up on the the burka clad trio ironic pro Israel message. A significant number of other pro Israel francophone Quebecers are still going to the demonstrations. In fact, most weeks, they outnumber the Jewish participants. Among the most consistent are members of Amiti Qu which has been around since 1976. Others apparently have no organizational affiliation, notably Daniel Lapr a blogger who describes himself as a humanist, first and foremost.