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Published: vendredi 18 aot 2017

The rock removal is a lame idea and in light of the airport issues if anything they should be adding rocks along the entire length of the beach. Notice the south end of G beach is fine. As I watched the fire department make a woefully inadequate attempt to launch a wave runner yesterday at low tide for a rescue (took them almost 20 minutes), New Balance ML 999 GR Chaussures and pulled a piece of the broken sail boat out of the sand and stacked next to a trashcan, I noticed what great shape the south end parking lot was in. On top of the rocks, Cachuma and Gibraltar need a major dredging. If Trautiwein had his head screwed on right he would be pushing for that sand to be offloaded some where where it wouldn hurt marine life, yet would replenish beaches with long shore current.

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