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Published: mardi 02 janvier 2018

Syria is one of the few conuntries that said it would take inmates from gitmo, but they don have the security to keep them under wraps. I proud of obama for keeping us safe. I can imagine what he thought once he was briefed on the real situation down there. For everything we know, there 3 we don know about. BTW, this isn jobs going over seas, the radar station will be manned by the US military. (LOL at the thoughts of cubans running our radar). New Balance ML 574 UAO Chaussures All you people taking up for these fools locked up in there haven had a friend wounded or killed in combat. Put them pants on then say you want to release these IED producing idiots. Might as well start dropping C4 all over pakistan and afghanistan for them to pick up. Releasing gitmo as a whole would be like establishing an explosives vest factory at this point, people would be going off everywhere. By the way, these so called bombers don push their own buttons. They are pawns, want proof?

My best buddy found a car bomb, what condition was the driver in? He was beat up and chained into the car. Yea, we one big nation full of heartless tyrants. You fools. July 9, 2012 at 4:06 pm Reply Im FOCUS Interview 2007 (sic) kndigte der aussichtsreiche Bewerber um die Prsidentschaftskandidatur der Demokratischen Partei an, er werde als Prsident veranlassen, dass das umstrittene US Militrgefngnis Guantanamo Bay auf Kuba umgehend geschlossen werde. Jetzt ist ja auch erst 2012 Humanitarian aid base das die das nicht mal in Anfhrungszeichen setzen ist schon unglaublich! Ach ja jeder wehrfhige Mann, der jetzt von amerikanischen Dronen umgebracht wird, ist ein militant Es bleibt einem wirklich die Spucke weg! July 9, 2012 at 9:34 am Reply Yea yea that a grandiose idea, lets close gitmo right now. Problem is theres a fundamental problem with that. Nearly 50 people there are deemed for transportation in any form There are a number of people we want to release but no country will let them step foot on their soil. They won walk free on American soil, Chaussures New Balance Femme but when no other country wants them what do you do? Dump them in the international area of an airport and never let them cross customs? Some of these people helped wound and kill your family members, but we fight for their rights? If they wanted our rights, they could have attempted to become US citizens. House them in prisons on US soil where other prisoners will want to kill them for the notoriety. The primary problem is everyone wants to run their friggin mouth without really rationalizing what could come of it. It would be a violation of the rights of a US citizen they are prisoners of war, even if it means for the rest of their life. There all kinds of ways to give your life for a cause, these guys managed just that. We could have shot the idiots and made everything easier and cheaper. They seem to enjoy shooting each other enough that I really don think it matters. It all propaganda, let them rot in their cells. If you want to let them out, put them against the wall.